Saturday, 1 September 2012

Still Using Paper in your Business? What You Need to Know to take the Paperless Jump

These days you hear a great deal about companies going paperless. Many types of businesses have adopted the practice — everything from caterpillar equipment sellers to custom clothing designers. The word “paperless” does not mean the company no longer uses any paper, but rather, it has transferred the majority of its paperwork online.
This type of business move makes sense for a number of reasons, since it’s convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. Here are some factors you should keep in mind if your company is considering going paperless.
It Cuts Expenses
In a tight economy, companies are always looking for ways to save money. Cutting spending is a good reason to go paperless, since online business is very cost-effective. Corporations spend millions of dollars each year on the ink, printers, and paper needed to print documents. For online business, you just need a website, email, and some sort of content management system. You may need to invest in a few things at first, but that won’t even making a dent in the amount of money you’ll be saving.
It Reduces Your Carbon Footprint
Another reason going paperless is so popular is that more and more businesses are adopting eco-friendly practices. Paperless business will help reduce the harmful impact you have on the environment. By doing online business, you’re using fewer office supplies, meaning you’re cutting down on the amount of waste your company produces.
It Saves Time for Your Staff
When you’re mailing out paper documents, it takes a while to prepare them. To send letters or bills to customers and business contacts, employees traditionally print them out and sign them. They then address, stuff, and seal the envelope. While it may not seem like a long process, employees can spend hours sending out mailings to customers. With paperless business, you can deliver important documents with the click of a button.
It Elicits Varying Reactions from Customers
Some customers will find paperless business to be easy and convenient. Many people would rather receive bills and other notices online. They figure making payments or receiving notices is just easier on the computer. For most people, it is also much faster to do paperless business.
Others, however, are against companies going paperless. They feel that as loyal customers, it’s their right to receive paper notices. These customers may think it’s easier to remember to pay a bill if it’s physically sent to their home. They may not be very tech-savvy and might have experience difficulty when doing their business online. It’s also important to realize that not everyone has reliable Internet access. Although it’s difficult to imagine life without a computer for many of us, some elderly citizens are resistant to buying one. If you do decide to go paperless, you should make sure these customers are still able to receive paper notices.

This post is brought to you by guest author CJ, a business enthusiast who enjoys writing about everything from going paperless to the latest caterpillar equipment.