Monday, 21 May 2012

Hot Drinks Warming The Planet Too?

If you want to know what small changes in your behavior can mean for the overall health of the planet then look no further than this infographic from the other side of the pond in the UK. They are well known for drinking a lot of tea over there and when you drill down into the numbers it is quite staggering just how much greenhouse gas is emitted because of this habit. It turns out that you would have to drive some two and a half billion miles in an average car to generate as much emissions as hot drinks do in a year.

It makes you wonder about what other small changes we could make to our lives that would lead to huge collective savings in our carbon footprint. Maybe this strategy would work better than trying to get people to make huge, drastic changes which they are much more likely to resent or simply fail at.
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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Where does the UKs electricity come from?

Almost 40 countries across six continents make up for more than half of the fuel that the United Kingdom uses. They are the damning facts of the latest statistics about our fuel production and outsourcing. With so much talk about renewable energy and being self-sufficient, this is just another piece of information that should spark the UK into action.

Dependence on other countries to run our electricity supply is something that we all knew was true, but with just 43.1% of fuel being sourced in the UK we need to sit up and take note. Seeing the facts and figures in the cold light of day just brings home the sheer size of our problem.
With around half of the country’s population keen on the idea of being self-sufficient with their electricity, this research will make us wonder just how we could reach a 100% goal in the next 40 years. Poland, USA, Indonesia, Russia and Columbia all send the coal, while Qatar produces the majority of our liquefied gas and our dependency on imported uranium adds Canada and Australia to the mix. There are countries across Africa, Asia & the Middle East, Australasia, Europe along with North and South America all doing their bit to keep us warm at night.

In a lot of ways, it’s not the percentages that are the shock but just the sheer amount of countries that the UK needs to sustain the population. The research and time that has evidently gone into this was thorough and detailed, and it’s this determination and mind-set that the whole of the United Kingdom needs if we’re going to lower our fuel output. Whether you’re unplugging your laptops before you go to bed or switching your home to good, green energy, slowly but surely we can all make a difference.

Infographic one - continent level

Where the UK’s electricity comes from
Source: Green Energy, Renewable Energy Company

Infographic two - country level

Where the UK’s electricity comes from
Source: Green Energy, Renewable Energy Company